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About Us

Nestled in the picturesque town of Makum in the easternmost district of Assam, Tinsukia Polytechnic was established in the year 2020. It is among the five new Polytechnics established by the Government of Assam and is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and affiliated to State Council for Technical Education Assam (SCTE). Tinsukia Polytechnic offers Three Years Diploma programme in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mining Engineering (which is the first in the region). The institute has excellent infrastructure that encompasses an academic building, annex building, two workshops with tools and machineries with facilities including smart classrooms, an updated library, a fully operational Language laboratory, Computation lab with updated softwares like Staad Pro, Autocad, Library Management softwares, Physics and Chemistry labs with Simulation Softwares, CNC machines, Robotic Arms for 3D printers,  and also has provisions for a cafeteria centre, girl’s common room and hostel construction is going on so hostel facilities would also be available in the near future. Surrounded by lush tea gardens, the institute boasts of a calm and serene environment that induces productive teaching by implementing an outcome based learning.

Dear All, I am proud of being the Officer-in-Charge of an institute which is dedicated to enable youth empowerment through technical education which will help students to unchain barriers to reach greater heights. On behalf of the students, faculty, staff and administration, I heartily welcome you to Tinsukia Polytechnic, established in 2020 and it is affiliated to State Council of Technical and approved by AICTE. We provide perfect environment for learning. The institute boasts upon having a large campus equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. We ensure friendly, supportive and safe environment through various measures to make the campus safe and ragging-free. I am sincere to motivate and rejuvenate every Department of this Institute to be shining as Outstanding Units Diploma in Engineering Education.



Tinsukia Polytechnic, Makum

To outstand amongst the institution providing diploma courses as a leader in continuous as well as consistently providing technical education of global standards for all around development of the students for better and sustain future of our society.

We achieve this fleet each and every time by providing a state of art infrastructure with high precision instruments with maximum process capability and creating a technologically sound environment to learn and excel to achieve their goals along with having a creative, innovative and professional bent of mind with infused ethical and societal values.

  1. Provide state-of-the-art infrastructure: The goal is to create an environment that supports high precision instruments with maximum process capability, which will enable the fleet to operate at peak efficiency and accuracy.

  2. Foster a technologically sound environment for learning and excelling: The goal is to create an environment that encourages continuous learning and improvement, allowing the fleet to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and excel in their roles.

  3. Cultivate a creative, innovative, and professional mindset: The goal is to develop a culture of innovation and professionalism, where the fleet is encouraged to think creatively and come up with new ideas to improve processes and solve problems.

  4. Infuse ethical and societal values: The goal is to instill ethical and societal values into the fleet’s mindset, encouraging them to conduct themselves with integrity and consideration for others while performing their duties.

To provide a technologically advanced and innovative environment that fosters continuous learning, professionalism, ethical conduct, and a positive societal impact, enabling the fleet to achieve maximum process capability, high precision, and operational efficiency while maintaining a creative and innovative mindset.


We offer value added quality technical education & excellent academic training to our students.

Diploma Courses

To meet up the demand of Technical Education in the district of Tinsukia, Tinsukia Polytechnic was established in 2020, by the Directorate of Technical Education, Assam. Currently the following three courses are offered by the Institute 1.Diploma in Civil Engineering 2.Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 3.Diploma in Mining Engineering. All these courses are approved by the AICTE and are affiliated to the State Council of Technical Education, Assam. The institute has well qualified and dedicated teaching faculty that educates students by an enjoyable and easy learning process.

Civil Engineering

The intake of Civil Engineering in Tinsukia Polytechnic is 60.

Mechanical Engineering

The intake of Mechanical Engineering in Tinsukia Polytechnic is 60.

Mining Engineering

The intake of Mining Engineering in Tinsukia Polytechnic is 60.

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Programmes Intake Capacity

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